Winter Streets

Winter Streets by G Luff
Winter Streets, a photo by G Luff on Flickr.


Water Street Market II

Water Street Market II by G Luff
Water Street Market II, a photo by G Luff on Flickr.


Waiting by G Luff
Waiting, a photo by G Luff on Flickr.

On the Streets


Ive always been interested in art and photography and mostly only shoot landscapes and so on but this last year I’ve become interested in Street Photography and have been trying it out myself. Its a complete different experience but i can see how street photographers love it. The feeling of just watching the life and street go by and trying to be transparent in capturing what you see is great. I respect all types of photography and cant just make myself stick to one thing. It’s a New Year and im going to just go with it. My best wishes to everyone in this New Year and the best of luck. Id also like to thank all my friends for your kind words and comments. Thank you Best for 2012.

It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.
– Henry David Thoreau

Thank you for looking.

Look Up


Skylight : Glen Luff 2011

Icebergs, Twillingate Newfoundland.




A few Icebergs have made there way to Twillingate the last couple weeks. Better late then never id say. I tried a few shots this was one of the better ones i liked. Earlier in the day someone said this was a arch but broke up just before dinner. I drove there after work just as the sun was setting and there were alot of people there to have a look.

Taken on September 11, 2011

Sunset, Southside Lewisporte Newfoundland.

Taken in South Side Lewisporte Newfoundland.